How does Candomblé happen in Practices of Dress: On what dress is able to be and to do.
Ella Broek
Fashion Anthropologist
An Investigation into the Affect of Clothing
The Affective Potential of the Koto

An Investigation into the Affect of Clothing

My practice is a meditation on affordances and solicitations of dress practices in which I focus on the dynamic relationship between clothing and its affect on our body. Being trained as both a dressmaker and anthropologist helps me to deepen the idea that we construct our clothing but our clothing constructs us as well.
In my research I deploy a combined methodology of wearing, making, fabricating, interviewing, conducting wardrobe studies, writing and presenting in relation to clothing. The theoretical and the embodied together is what shapes this trajectory. An example of this is a long-term project in which I am designing and fabricating a series of coats in order to study the shape and feel of garment versus the underlying body. The intention is to expand the formalities of analysis and reconsider different forms of research and meaning making beyond words, and include exercise, labour and spending time with the material itself, as equal analytical instruments.